Song: Til I Hear You Sing
Artist: Hong Kwangho
Album: HONGCERT2013
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As requested. Full orchestration from “The Aerie” through “‘Til I Hear You Sing.” Performed in Korean.

Just so much amazing!

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Song: 君の歌をもう一度
Album: Love Never Dies - March 26, 2014
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Love Never Dies - 君の歌をもう一度 (Til I Hear You Sing)

Ichimura Masachika 

Tokyo, Japan March 26, 2014

(full audio available but not for trade until April 30, 2014)

English Translation: 

Until today, these ten long years have been empty
Until today, these ten years have been truly pointless
Despite having inspiration for beautiful melodies
No one can sing them
But you alone

Ah, Christine
Ah, Christine… Now you’re far away

Although time has passed
My heart is in darkness
I can’t sleep
Until the day I hear you sing

The turning seasons disappear
And you’re still far away
The soundless days continue
Until I hear you sing

Even though I chase after the dream of you
I touch nothing but the freezing darkness

No matter the time, this pain in my chest
Won’t heal even now
Until I hear you sing

That music and that voice
Won’t leave my ears
Even though I turn around, you’re still not there

Hopes and dreams all vanish!
Now what have I become? My soul cannot be saved
Until I hear you sing

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I love it when roadtophantom sends cool stuff my way ;) 

Some more production photos from the Japanese production of “Love Never Dies”, from its current run in Tokyo. ( X )

Photo 1: The cast. 
Photo 2: Mao Ayabuki and cast. 
Photo 3: Rena Sasamoto and cast. 
Photo 4: Keita Tachibana. 
Photo 5: Mario Tashiro and Yamada. 
Photo 6: Take Shikaga and Ayaka Hirahira. 
Photo 7: Take Shikaga and Yamada. 
Photo 8: Masachica Ichimura and ? 
Photo 9: Ayaka Hirahira and 
Take Shikaga. 
Photo 10: Masashika Ichimura and Ayaka Hirahira. 

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Love Never Dies Japan ( X )Hamada Megumi and Masachica Ichimura.


Love Never Dies Japan ( X )

Hamada Megumi and Masachica Ichimura.

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Exclusive! LOVE NEVER DIES creators Andrew Lloyd Webber & Simon Phillips on getting the show to Broadway, maybe with a new ending!


Exclusive! LOVE NEVER DIES creators Andrew Lloyd Webber & Simon Phillips on getting the show to Broadway, maybe with a new ending!

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Love Never Dies Japan footage at 00:18 onwards

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Question for anyone who likes phantom of the opera?


Okay so I really want to see the sequel, love never dies, but it’s not really playing anymore at least not in the US
So is there somewhere I can watch a video of it or something?

Love Never Dies has never had a production in the US. It has had productions in London, Australia, Denmark, a concert in Austria, and an upcoming one in Japan. The Australian production filmed their production and released it on DVD. That’s probably the easiest option for you, as you can buy it virtually anywhere DVDs are sold. It’s also been uploaded in its entirety on YouTube, such as here. Or you can torrent it.

For the London production, there have been two released bootlegs. You can either download them here (scroll to the bottom of the post) or watch it on YouTube. This version is missing ‘Beneath a Moonless Sky’ and ‘Once Upon Another Time’. Full video of the show has been released, but it is a monitor video, meaning it was shot from the theater camera in the back and has no zooms. I don’t think it’s been uploaded in its entirety like the others, but you can see the scenes missing from the other bootleg here. The London production underwent some changes partway through its run, and though no full video has been released of the show after the changes, you can see some clips here and here.

In terms of the other productions, the Denmark production and Vienna concert has had bootleg audios floating around. The Vienna concert has two videos that I know of, but neither are likely to be on YouTube.

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Love Never Dies Japan (ラブ・ネバー・ダイ)
The Phantom: Masachika Ichimura / Takeshi KagaChristine: Megumi Hamada / Ayaka Hirahira Raoul: Mario Tashiro / Keita Tachibana 


Love Never Dies Japan (ラブ・ネバー・ダイ)

The Phantom: Masachika Ichimura / Takeshi Kaga
Christine: Megumi Hamada / Ayaka Hirahira 
Raoul: Mario Tashiro / Keita Tachibana 

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drew sarich + julian looman (love never dies - vienna) - wer verliert, geht unter

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Milica Jovanovic - Liebe stirbt nie (Love Never Dies)

Vienna, 2013

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"Love Never Dies", Ronacher concert in Vienna.

Drew Sarich (Mr. Y), Milica Jovanovic (Christine), Julian Looman (Raoul), Leonid Sushon (Gustave), Maya Hakvoort (Madame Giry), Barbara Obermeier (Meg Giry), Armin Kahl (Gangle), Katja Berg (Fleck) and Peter Kratochvil (Squelch).

Photos: Rolf Bock, VBW

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Song: Rabenschwarze Nacht
Artist: Drew Sarich & Milica Jovanovic
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Drew Sarich & Milica Jovanovic - Rabenschwarze Nacht (Beneath a moonles sky)

I apologize for the sound quality but my phone’s microphone won’t allow anything better. Best listened to with headphones.

Enjoy :)

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Love Never Dies OLC Beneath a Moonless Sky (Full) and Once Upon a Time.

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Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess sings Beneath A Moonless Sky from Love Never Dies.
Enjoy :)

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