Anonymous → Do you think Uwe would have done a better job as Phantom if Pia was Christine?

Eeehhh… I don’t know, but not really? Maybe she might have led him in a different direction, but most of my problems with his Phantom didn’t lie with his interaction with Christine. Well, okay, some of them did (boob grab, anyone?) (for the inevitable question of ‘What is Uwe’s boob grab’, look here). But most of it was that his Phantom was completely strange and erratic and over-the-top and there was no rhyme or reason for what he did. And his singing wasn’t that great either. And those are things that I doubt a different Christine would change much.

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Anonymous → Hi! Could you do a photoset of your favorite phantom brochure pictures? I recently got a brochure and I liked the pictures in there, so I wondered if there were any others that I might like. Thanks!

Ooh, that’d be an interesting one to make. Only thing is, SO MANY PHOTOS. So I’m thinking of splitting them up either by production (i.e. “favorite London brochure photos”, “favorite German production photos”, “favorite US production photos because GlassPrism can’t be bothered to sort them by Broadway, tour, or Vegas production”, etc.) or by scene (“favorite ‘Think of Me’ photos” and so on). I’m leaning slightly towards dividing it up by scene, though it does mean a crap ton more photosets… we’ll see. It probably won’t be exhaustive either… I’ll probably skip the Prologue and Hannibal scenes and go straight to ‘Think of Me’. And knowing me, it will be rather Christine-centric. And some might not be brochure photos, it might be production photos that didn’t make it into the brochure or whatever… there are so many lovely ones. Though I will try and steer clear of photos that were clearly not taken during a performance (such as the photoshoots of several recent London Christines).

Anyway, yeah, let me see how that goes. Give me a little while, I don’t do photosets much and I will probably be tearing my hair out as I struggle over favorites and how to orient the photos in a set so that it doesn’t look like I’m decapitating an actress.

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Anonymous → Hi GlassPrism, Revered Empress of the Phandom, Bestower of Phantom-y Knowledge, Giver of Audios, Bless Queen of Snark etc., :) I was wondering if you would be willing to gift the soundboard audio of "Matthew Cammelle (s/b), Rachel Barrell". I hope it is not too much to ask, since it is only four songs. Thanks! P.S. I found all of those terms on your website!

Well, how can I refuse with that sort of flattery?

Matthew Cammelle (s/b), Rachel Barrell, David Shannon
2006; London
Date is a guess. Soundboard, four songs only.

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Anonymous → Hi! I really enjoy watching different high school productions of Phantom of the Opera and have recently gotten back into watching them. I was just wondering if you have seen any and what do you think is the best interpretation (acting, costumes, sets, etc) Why? Also, for curiosities sake, what do you think was the worst and why? Just wanted to end by saying I love this site and appreciate everything you do!:)

I actually don’t watch any of the high school productions, sorry! I’m just not that interested in them and prefer watching the “official” productions. But if you’re curious, then Tumblr user RJDaae made a list of what she considered to be good high school or amateur productions… as well as a slightly longer list of some bad ones.

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Anonymous → What did you think of the inclusion of the old Raoul scenes in general for the 2004 movie? (They were all one of the very few things in the movie I actually really liked...)

They were all right for the most part. The first one is part of the stage production and helps set the scene and the last one is emotional and what-not, but the rest I’m pretty neutral on. They felt a bit like filler at times - I don’t really need to see Raoul slowly being driven to the graveyard. I think it could have worked just as well to have the first and last scenes.

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Anonymous → What is the gif of christine falling over in the blue costume? I've never seen THAT before.

Could you be more specific? I’m not entirely sure what GIF you mean.

It might also help if you right click on the GIF, click ‘View Image’ and give me the URL. (For example, I just clicked on one and it gave me “”.) That way I can just look at the GIF directly.

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Anonymous → Do you make your gifs in Photoshop?


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Anonymous → Where can I find "inyllaourfantises" trading site? I tried google but couldn't find it

That’s because he doesn’t have one and doesn’t go by that name on Tumblr anymore. Right now, he goes by thesecretyouknow.

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Anonymous → Which are you favorite Elisabeths and Deaths?

Elisabeths: Maya Hakvoort (perfect mix of melancholy and complexity), Ann van den Broeck (amazing growth and lovely acting), Ootori Rei (probably one of the few Takarazuka Elisabeths I really liked), Wietske van Tongeren (sounded so passionate in audios), Ock Ju-Hyeon (extraordinary emotion) and Janneke Ivankova (my favorite of the 2012 Vienna revival Elisabeths).

Deaths: Aahh, I need to look into this more. So far, I’ve enjoyed Uwe Kroger (particularly in his first run, played a very emotionless, stoic Death) and Oliver Arno (same thing, also had a level of complexity to his Death that I liked), and though he’s fallen down my list since, Mate Kamaras (not really a fan anymore of the more sexual Deaths, but I do like the energy he displayed). Also, vocally I really liked Martin Pasching.

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Anonymous → Hi! I was wondering if you had an audio or video of Peter Joback, Samantha Hill, and Kyle Barisich (i believe they were on June/July 2013). If so, could you link it to me? Thank you so much!

I really, really, really wish you would check my gifts page before asking.

(Or my trading site, for all the inevitable “Do you have so-and-so recording of this cast??” questions. Or my FAQ.)

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Anonymous → Hi GP! I've been searching for this picture of Katie Hall and I can't seem to find it. It was of her on the UK Tour with Earl Carpenter and they were taking pictures with some other people. I remember her wig looking flat and the wedding dress very stripped down. And the people they were with seemed like some kind of mayor/official person. Thanks!

I imagine this is the picture you’re looking for.

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Anonymous → Dear Glassprism. Would it be a possibility to share POTO audio from Bialystok? I'm very big fan of Lukasz Dziedzic (his Krolock is very fantastic!) and I would like to listen him as Phantom. Thanks!

One was already gifted here, though it’s Act 1 only.

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Anonymous → Forgive my ignorance, but I am just wondering what the origin of 'Aminta' was. I know it's Christine's character in Don Juan, but I don't recall the name being mentioned in any version i've seen... Would you be able to enlighten me? :)

Sure. According to this post on Deserted Phans, the name is derived from one of the earliest interpretations of the Don Juan legend, El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra or The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest. Here’s the Wikipedia page on it; scroll down to the list of characters and you’ll find Aminta listed as one of the peasant girls he seduces.

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Anonymous → Hello! I just read somewhere that Turnofthescorpion isn't releasing her masters anymore and I'm curious, do you know what happened?

Because people kept posting free download links to her videos and/or posting the full things onto YouTube.

I’m all for sharing and stuff (as evidenced by my blog), but really, some common sense is nice, i.e. don’t immediately start posting and gifting recently released stuff. This is why I always wait several months, if not longer, before gifting anything, even audios, because I assume the master wants to use them for trading first. And I’m very cautious with videos.

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Anonymous → How does the movie ending invalidate LND?

Because it says Christine died in 1917 instead of 1905, as in the LND ending.

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