Anonymous → Bonjour! How much of the show is on the Canadian cast album? I know it's highlights only, but I don't know which ones.

Here are the songs:

  1. Prologue/Auction
  2. Overture
  3. Hannibal(does not include the manager’s speech, the slavegirl dance, or Carlotta’s ‘Think of Me’)
  4. Think of Me
  5. The Mirror
  6. The Phantom of the Opera
  7. Music of the Night
  8. Notes I/Prima Donna
  9. All I Ask of You
  10. I Gave You My Music
  11. Entr’acte
  12. Masquerade
  13. Journey to the Cemetery
  14. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  15. Wandering Child
  16. Point of No Return
  17. Final Lair

Hope that helps!

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Anonymous → Hi! Do you happen to know if there are any recordings or audios of phantom in french?? I've been looking everywhere with no luck!

Hmm, did this search happen to include my gifts page? Because I gifted both of the French dubs there (one was for release in Montreal, one for France).

There has been no production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera in France or the French language so far as I know, so you will not find any audio bootlegs of that. The dubs of the 2004 movie are all that is out there.

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Anonymous → Are there any ways to know if you have the original VOBs of a video or if they have been converted from an online one?

Generally, you can tell by the size and quality of the video. VOBs converted from online videos will look fuzzier than normal and most likely will also be of a smaller size. Use your own best judgment with this, of course, and compare to videos that are from the same period of time or that you can guess are from the same master. For example, I once got a proshot video of the Hungarian production of Elisabeth that was maybe a little over 1 GB, which was very small considering other proshot videos I got were usually at least 4 to 5 GB, and often more (7 to 8 GB was the size of a similar one.)

The example I always use is this one of a video of Hugh Panaro and Sandra Joseph from October 1, 2005. A version of the video that circulates around quite a bit is very likely an online video converted to VOB. All you have to do is compare its quality to that of the original VOBs.



Okay, maybe it’s not that clear in the photos; it’s more obvious in scenes like ‘Point of No Return’… but anyway, above is a VOB version that was probably converted from an online video (probably a good quality one, but still), below is the original. There’s a subtle but noticeable difference in quality - the lower one looks sharper, for example - plus the original is not stretched out.

EDIT: I quickly want to note that while I am treating the general conversion of VOBs from online videos as a bad thing, this mostly holds true if the original files were VOBs to begin with. The conversion from VOB to online video and back to VOB causes huge losses in quality. However, if the original files were online videos to begin with (one filmer likes to trade out his as MPG files, for example), it’s slightly different and I’m generally okay with VOB conversions there.

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rosemarycountess → Hi! What video is your gif with Marni Raab singing the vocalise, while turning to the camera? And I can't seem to recognize the Phantom in this one.

I believe it’s from this promo video of the US tour. And the Phantom is John Cudia.

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Colour version from Cat’s Instagram (x)

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The Phantom of the Opera performing ‘Masquerade’ at the 2014 Olivier Awards.

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Mathias Edenborn and Valerie Link, Hamburg ( X )

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Anonymous → What are the best foreign production (any language) recordings of Phantom? I've been trying to get into different productions and I would like to see your opinion.

Hmm… I made a list of recommended videos here, which included a good number of foreign productions and a couple of audios, and I made a list of cast recording preferences here, but I can make a nice dandy list of recommended audios of foreign productions. I’ll try to pick for quality of the audio and of the cast:

Read More

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Anonymous → Hello GP! I wonder if you use some software to compress your videos? Some of my MPG files are hugh (1080P and over 10G), they have already eaten up 3 of my 1TB portable drives(my laptop cannot R/W DVDs). But actually I only need them to be 720P for watching and storing. I've tried several tools like mediacoder and others but none of them really works, it's very time-comsuming and the progress always goes wrong at some point. So I kind of hoping you'd have some good advice. :)

I actually don’t, and I’ve never converted my videos into other formats, but I know others do, so maybe they can send you some advice.

For me generally, I usually trade with others who have converted the videos into other formats, usually VOB (which are usually something like 5 GB smaller in size), and then delete the original MPG files. Kind of sucks, but like you I really don’t have the room on my computer!

EDIT: Iadoremusicals added this: “This is for the anon wondering about compressing videos. I use the Freestudio software from DVDvideosoft for all sorts of video and audio converting, YouTube downloading, etc. Hope this helps. :)”

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Anonymous → A strange question indeed, but can you think of any Christine with a nasally voice? I'm thinking of Sofia Escobar. She sounded like that to me, though it never made her less amazing.

Not a strange question to me!

I think quite a few of the more recent West End Christines (and a couple of the older ones) had voices that I would say are a bit nasally: Rachel Barrell, Robyn North, Katie Hall, and Olivia Brereton all come to mind.

I thought two of the Polish Christines, Paulina Janczak and Kaja Mianowana, sounded quite nasally in the original Polish production, though I think Paulina Janczak has changed a lot since. Kaja Mianowana sounds much the same though, based on this video at least. (Look guys, a Christine singing ‘Angel of Music’ with a former Christine, kind of sort of.) And I thought Danielle Everett from the Australian tour was very nasally. There are probably a ton of others I can’t think of right now, ha ha.

I should note that this doesn’t necessarily mean the actress’s voice is bad - as you say, Sofia Escobar can have a bit of that quality but she sounds fantastic, and I love Rachel Barrell’s voice as well.

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Anonymous → The user oliviabrereton posted an audio of the Minneapolis premiere of the US Tour with Mark Campbell, Julia Udine, and Ben Jacoby. However, she seems to have deleted her account. Have you downloaded the audio and would be willing to post it or has she changed her tumblr name? Thanks!

She simply changed her account name. Since this is the second time I’ve gotten this question, I’m guessing I have anons who need a bit of help with Tumblr, so here’s a small lesson. You can find out and go to the URL of a person even if they’ve changed their URL by looking at the bottom of the post (at least on my blog and with my theme - it differs depending on the blog):

See how it says “Via Queenabeck”? See how it’s also different from the name above (“Oliviabrereton”). That’s her new URL. Sometimes it will look different and say “Via [some Tumblr user], © [some Tumblr user]”. That © means “Source”, aka the original poster, so in that case, don’t click on the name after “Via”; click on the one after ©. You will then go to the original post and to the blog of the person, even if they have since changed their URL. There’s exceptions and stuff (like if they’ve deactivated their blog or something), but this method works quite well.

And there’s your “How to Use Tumblr” lesson for the day.

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Anonymous → Have your formed an opinion on the US tour cast yet? Or at least the three principals? Where would they rank on your "favorites" list? (Or even like initial thoughts or something :P)

Only initial thoughts so far, but here they are: Mark Campbell sounded nice. (Only listened up to Act 1.) Cooper Grodin… no idea, haven’t seen enough. Julia Udine looks very pretty and seems like a good actress who is hampered by not-so-awesome blocking. I like the way Grace Morgan sang a bit better (Julia Udine has a way of dragging out certain sounds, particularly her “e”s, in a way that for God knows what reason reminds me of Kevin Gray’s voice) and I also think she’s cute as a button. Ben Jacoby seems like a very tough Raoul in all the good and bad ways - I like how he kind of gave the Phantom a shove as he ran towards Christine in the ‘Final Lair’, but he’s also way too impatient during the rooftop scene.

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Anonymous → Hi, is there anyway you could repost Michael Crawford, Mary D’arcy, Reece Holland audio? You had gifted it before but the link is dead online.

The link is fine. For some reason it leads to the previous SendSpace link I had used, but copying and pasting the MediaFire link works fine. I have however repasted the link to ensure it goes to the same place.

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Anonymous → Is it just me, or does Harriet Jones sound Swedish? If so... #lerouxaccuratechristine

Having absolutely no idea what a Swedish accent would sound like… I don’t know?? But if someone else does, hey, let me know! It would be interesting, given her very light wig and stuff. Plus, you know…

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Anonymous → I know a lot of phans dislike Bowman's Phantom (I have not been able to see any of his Phantom so I am essentially taking everyone's word for it). Any particular reasons that stand out to you for why he is unpopular?

Hmm, that’s interesting. I haven’t seen as many phans here who dislike Bowman, probably because he was one of the older Phantoms and doesn’t have many recordings of him in the role, and people here on Tumblr are generally younger and newer to the phandom. (Though I’ve seen a number of people who detested his Jean Valjean, a more recent role of his in comparison to the Phantom.)

Just personally, the thing I remember most about his Phantom was this strange and very abrupt change when he was singing - he literally sounded like two different people at times. But the rest is hearsay from other phans… like this post by ChristineDaae:

"I kind of feel mean when I write about Bowman’s Phantom because he’s been excellent in other things, but I just hated his Phantom so much. Appalling in every way. He was so stiff, he had no grace, he clumped and stomped across the stage. He put none of those special little details in that other Phantoms try to add. He was angry without balancing it with any feeling of love. And his singing of the role was completely mediocre.

I’ve seen a couple of understudies who didn’t do anything for me, and a few Phantoms I just thought “meh” about, but Bowman has been the only stage Phantom I’ve really hated.”

So perhaps it’s a good thing there’s no video footage of his Phantom… though he doesn’t sound as absurdly and flabbergastingly bad as Uwe Kroger. (I guess there’s different kinds of “badness” - like “hilariously bad” and “genuinely bad bad”.)

But I did like Simon Bowman’s Raoul. Reminded me a bit of Michael Ball’s Raoul.

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