Song: Denk An Mich
Artist: Lauri Brons&Nicky Wuchinger
Album: Phantom Der Oper
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Denk An Mich-Lauri Brons(&Nicky Wuchinger)

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Anonymous → Do you have any predictions on who the next Broadway Phantom will be?

No, but according to Chelsea/wanderingchild, it’s not anyone who will be majorly upsetting? Which I suppose is reassuring.

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Anonymous → In your opinion, who's worse, Uwe Kroger or Cooper Grodin? (I've listened to both and yikes! Cooper surpasses Uwe)

I would say Uwe Kroger right now. Cooper Grodin is pretty bad, but one could say that some of his badness is due to the direction of the restaged tour, and that (maybe) if he got to be in the original production, he would do a bit better. Uwe Kroger was just bad all on his own.

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Anonymous → I'm seeing Phantom on West End this Saturday afternoon (the matinee show), and I'm not up to date on the London cast - will it be Gerónimo Rauch and Harriet Jones? or does the alternate Christine perform the Saturday matinees? thanks in advance!

I think that’s the usual case, as the alternate Christine usually plays Mondays and Fridays in the West End. However, I think both Geronimo Rauch and Harriet Jones have been ill recently, as just last Saturday, it was Scott Davies and Emmi Christensson who were on.

Anyway, I would suggest keeping an eye on the respective actors’ Twitters, as they usually post info and answer questions about performance dates on there.

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So, Mary Michael Patterson leaves the POTO Broadway production and is replaced by Julia Udine from the restaged US tour.

Today the Broadway FB site announced that Ellen Harvey is also leaving, being replaced by Linda Balgord from the restaged US tour. 

Julia Udine and Linda Balgord is both scheduled to have their first performance on December 15. 

Norm Lewis has extended one more week, leaving February 7, and according to the Facebook site “Broadway’s next Phantom will be announced in the coming months”, which I assume is some sort of confirmation that Norm Lewis will not extend further. 


(guessing some of you have seen it already) 

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Anonymous → I saw where you placed Ana Marina on your list, but I'm curious for a more in depth not review, but opinion per say? She's one of my favorites and her vibrato gives me life.

Ooh, you like her vibrato? That’s really interesting! Most people don’t seem to; I was starting to feel like I was the only one who did. It is admittedly a very quick and thick vibrato that she uses, and it took a little while to grow on me, but it did make her voice very distinctive. I like her voice overall, really.

I also enjoyed her acting quite a bit, as she played Christine as someone who is intelligent, who is reacting to things around her, with an occasionally flirtatious side to her, such as when she is singing ‘All I Ask of You’ with Raoul. I really like my smart, active Christines, so it was nice to see that. She can get pretty fierce in the ‘Final Lair’, too - there’s some pretty real disgust on her face sometimes when she has to face him down, and I did like how she would mouth, “Why? Why?!” at him when she’s standing between him and Raoul. My major complaint is that she does have the tendency to overact scenes sometimes, like when she’s returning the ring at the end of the ‘Final Lair’ and looks like she’s trying to control some massive hiccups or something, so watching her with Simon Pryce or Anthony Warlow can sometimes feel like a massive camp-fest. But it does work out rather well when she’s with Alexander Lewis, who’s a pretty level-headed and grounded Raoul - it sort of felt like she and Raoul were made for each other in that respect, with him kind of stabilizing her and she bringing a bit more playfulness around him.

Also, the major height differences between her and her leading men was really fun to watch. You sort of end up with more respect with her, especially after the ‘Final Lair’ where you see teeny little Christine standing between two dudes who are both a head taller than her.

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Anonymous → What's your opinion on people who upload full shows to youtube of POTO?

I suppose it depends on what specific show they’re uploading. In general, if it’s one of the older videos, or from productions that have closed, I don’t really have a problem with it - that video of Matthew Cammelle and Rachel Barrell, for example, is from 2006, and I think that’s okay to post. I know that not everyone wants to trade for a video and they might not want to or be able to download huge VOB files and stuff, so putting it on YouTube is a way for them to watch the show.

But I don’t like it when people put very recently filmed shows on YouTube or if the master specifically said not to put it up and it gets put up anyway. Like, really? Have some common sense. You’re 1) scaring the master off from ever filming or releasing again and 2) making it harder for them to film in the future because the people in the shows might see the video and beef up security.

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Anonymous → Do you know if there have been any karaoke tracks leaked from that actual stage show?

Do you mean like instrumental tracks? Yes, I believe so. I posted one from 'Think of Me', for example. And here’s one from the 'Final Lair'.

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Anonymous → Do you have any image of the so-called "kristi holden" monitor video? I'm curious to see some of them, if there are any :)

Ah, you want proof the video exists? Well, here’s a bunch (posted under my ‘Kristi Holden’ tag, just by the way, if you want to do any future searches for people on my blog).

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Song: Final Lair
Artist: Ivan Ozhogin, Elena Bahtiyarova, Eugeny Zaytsev
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28.09.2014 - Evening performance

Personally, I don’t really like Elena in this audio (I don’t really like her on other audios too, but oh well) but it’s one of the best for Ivan. 

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Anonymous → On YouTube, the user luk1505 has a lot of the Polish recording (soundtrack maybe?). Are all the tracks Edyta or are some Kaja and Paulina? I really can't tell their voices apart. Thanks!

Those are the tracks from the Polish cast recording. All of them are of Damian Aleksander, Paulina Janczak, and Marcin Mrozinski.

The Polish Christines can sound pretty similar, but if you listen to them for a while you can start to hear some differences. Kaja Mianowana sounds like she has the lightest and squeakiest voice of the three Christines ('Think of Me' and 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again'). Paulina Janczak kind of shares the same nasal tone as Kaja Mianowana, but she sounds somewhat darker than her, which is even more noticeable on live recordings ('Think of Me' and 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again') (these are both from the cast recording by the way, the one live recording I have of Paulina is pretty bad quality). Edyta Krzemien has a smoother voice and lacks that “squeakiness” when she sings ('Think of Me' and 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again').

This is in reference to the actresses’ times in the original Polish production; when the revival hit, both Paulina Janczak and Edyta Krzemien’s voices had changed considerably, and I think it’s easier to tell them apart then. (For reference, Paulina Janczak singing the title song in the revival, Edyta Krzemien singing the same, and Kaja Mianowana as Meg in the revival.)

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Anonymous → Hello! Are there any audios of Maria Kesselman? She looks like a BEAUTIFUL Christine so I'm so curious to hear her. Thanks!

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Yes, but the only person who has it is Maria Kesselman herself, who possesses a soundboard audio that she kindly uploaded a few clips of on YouTube (along with a some very lovely photos of her in costume to go along with it). Here is a compilation video, 'The Mirror' and title song, 'All I Ask of You', and 'Point of No Return'. All are with Michael Crawford and Steve Barton.

Just personally speaking and judging from these audios, her voice is indeed as lovely as her face.

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Anonymous → Quick question. Has mediafire been working? I try to download the audios and the capta (thing when you type letters) won't come up!! I'm so upset because most of my collection is on mediafire and I feel like I can't listen to them.

It’s working perfectly fine for me when I click on my links and get a Captcha, but then again, I use download managers, so I rarely see the actual site at all. If you’re having problems, you could try using another browser or just contacting support.

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Anonymous → I know your FAQ says that you won't regift things that weren't gifted by you, but the September 9, 2008 video with Gina isn't up anymore, and flatteringchild has been deactivated and I have no idea how to get into contact with them, so I was wondering if you knew of a link that was still working somewhere so I could get hold of them? Understand if you don't want to answer it. Thankyou.

Ramin Karimloo, Gina Beck, Simon Bailey, Kate Radmilovic, Barry James, Gareth Snook, Heather Jackson, Rohan Tickell, Tori Johns
September 9, 2008; London!6R1x3ZAb!ygOwhY-2n39uvdixUXVc7Q

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Anonymous → Hi! I just wanted to throw a gifting idea out. I'n not sure you would want to, since you don't gift videos, but maybe for halloween you could gift a video of a particularly "scary" Phantom (though they all are at times :) ) If not, could you just post this so other people can see this idea?

So basically, gift something of Uwe Kroger?

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