Anonymous → If POTO China really comes true, do you think Kris Phillips would make a good Phantom for that production?

Aah, I must confess, I don’t listen to Kris Philips at all, apart from this video, which I don’t think is enough to judge from seeing as it’s only the title song and they also did a lot of pretty obvious electronic modifying to it, which means it’s just as likely some autotuning has been applied. On the other hand, there’s some live concert performances on YouTube of his ‘Music of the Night’. He sounds nice. Could sound a bit more powerful in some parts, but that might have been just this specific performance. And his Wikipedia entry says he has musical theatre background. So sure, I would be okay with him being the Phantom. Don’t know how good he would be precisely in the role, but I have no objections.

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Anonymous → What date does the new Phantom Us your video up for trade? I know there is a date but i cant find where it was

May 23, 2014. Source here (which was the first result I got by just Googling “POTO US Tour DVD”, but I might just be better at searching than others, I suppose…)

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Anonymous → Hi, I read the thing about the title song being recorded and I did some research, and now I'm hearing two different things and I'm curious for your input. Some people say that the cadenza at the end of the title song, is said Christine's voice mixed with Sarah Brightman hitting the very end note, but others say its strictly said Christine hitting the note in the recording. I don't know which side is true more over what to believe. You'd be the person to know or cast an opinion.

Aah, I really don’t feel like the person, because I don’t think I know at all… but I’ve read from reputable people like Operafantomet that it is so, or at least has been so for a while. It’s also discussed here. I’ve also heard certain instrumental versions of the title song, and while I don’t know if mine is the real thing or a karaoke, when I listened closely, I could hear a faint echo of a voice at the high E as well that I assume is Sarah Brightman. So it would seem that it was the case for a while, though it might have changed nowadays.

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Anonymous → GP, do you know who started with the 'covering the monkey face during the final lair' thing? Crawford didn't do it, while Davis Gaines already did... Is there someone in between them, or was it actually Davis?

Hmm… well, assuming this was something that started in the LA production, Robert Guillaume was the Phantom in-between Crawford and Gaines, but there’s no video of him, so it’s hard to say. So I think the only thing I can say with certainty for now is that Davis Gaines is the first Phantom I’ve seen who did that particular bit of blocking. I seem to be remembering something that said that he was the one who came up with that, but I have absolutely no idea where I got that or whether it’s even true. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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Anonymous → (looks at one of those previous posts) okkaaayyy then. Not at all POTO related, but what some of the weirdest things you have seen in your inbox? (You know, just for laughs :D)

I actually don’t get many weird ones! Or at least none I can think of off the top of my head right now… and a lot of the ones that might count as weird are sent by people I know well on Tumblr and who are messing with me.

Um, let’s see… I once got someone who asked me if I would date someone who wasn’t Chinese. (I’m Chinese, by the way. Well, Chinese-American.) I answered something like, “Yeah, sure, why not”, and a few days later it was followed up with a question like “Would you want a POTO-themed wedding?” and I’m sure it was just a coincidence and probably not even by the same anon but I was briefly freaked out, ha ha.

This verges more into the creepy/paranoia part, but when I was fairly new to Tumblr an anon asked to “get to know me” more and also where I lived, and I was just like, “Ah, I’m probably being paranoid, but how about not?”, and that was about it.

And not weird, but I do love when I get random questions in my inbox that are like, “Hey, is that a gif from [some non-musical related thing]?” Because it’s like, “Yay, you saw it! You’re paying attention!” Sadly, I don’t really get follow-up questions to those.

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courfeyracslonelysoul → Quick question. I'm listening to the July 1, 2006 Vegas audio I found floating around the Internet, and is that really Sierra Boggess?? It sounds NOTHING like her!

Nope, it’s actually Elizabeth Loyacano.

(I remember a minor furor going down on the Tumblr phandom because someone posted a clip from that audio claiming it was Sierra. Oh happy days.)

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Phantom of the Opera US Tour.

I’m trying not to laugh. I’ve told you that Cooper Grodin was jumping like monkey and pointing his middle finger at Christine? I thought to make a gif set to demonstrate that. Now look :D

this is super gross, oh my goodness??!

what the everloving awkward fuck did i just watch

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Anonymous → Do you gift an audio with Claire Moore?

Do I gift an audio with Claire Moore? I dooooooo.

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Anonymous → Quite some time ago you reviewed an audio of Lovett and O'Byrne. On your website it's listed as xxsparksxx's master. Apparently his/her trading site is down. Do you have any advice where to get this particular recording?

She’s on Tumblr under the exact same name.

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John Owen-Jones & Anna O’Byrne 
David Arnsperger & Lauri Brons
Dmitri Ermak & Tamara Kotova

The Golden Mask Awards, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, 2014


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Favourite photo from The Golden Mask Awards.
Tamara is so beautiful.

London: John Owen-Jones & Anna O’Byrne Moscow: Dmitri Ermak (right?) & Tamara Kotova Hamburg: David Arnsperger & Lauri Brons



Favourite photo from The Golden Mask Awards.

Tamara is so beautiful.

London: John Owen-Jones & Anna O’Byrne
Moscow: Dmitri Ermak (right?) & Tamara Kotova
Hamburg: David Arnsperger & Lauri Brons

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courfeyracslonelysoul → Do you ever feel like the Santa Clause of the POTO world? I mean you get so many requests and gift so much?

Well, occasionally I feel like a dehumanized ATM in that I basically spit out whatever anyone asks of me, but I think I like your description better. Though at least Santa can leave coal for bad children. All I can do is give semi-grouchy answers.

Maybe I should start doing that thing someone suggested where I give people links that lead to Uwe Kroger audios…

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Anonymous → Would you happen to have the 2004 Spanish recording of the Phantom of the Opera? Thanks!

The Phantom of the Opera 2004 Spanish Film Soundtrack
Juan Carlos Barona, Julia Möller, Paco Arrojo

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adamschoales → You seem to be one of the experts here on Tumblr so am I right in that there are only 2 audios of Colm's run as Phantom in Toronto? The March 15th one without Rebecca and an earlier one? I have one labelled as "Original Canadian Cast" but the speed/pitch must be broken because it sounds NOTHING like them...

I think there may be three, actually. The first and most commonly one I’ve seen is the March 17, 1991 audio with Susan Cuthbert as Christine. The second was simply labeled as “1991” for the date but definitely has Rebecca Caine. I’ve heard of a third, from May 30, 1993, that features Colm with Patti Cohenour’s Christine. It was fairly common on older traders’ lists, but is practically nonexistent nowadays. It may very well be a mislabeling of one of the other recordings - the March 17, 1991 audio, for example, gets mislabeled as being from 1992, as having Teresa DeZarn for Christine, as having Glenda Balkan, Patty Goble… it goes on. But until I get my hands on it, I won’t be able to tell.

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