Anonymous → Are there any audios of David Firth as Raoul?

Nope, haven’t seen any.

It should be noted that since he’s part of the original cast, and was a Raoul understudy, it’s probably really unlikely you’ll find anything, just because it was so long ago and there were so few bootlegs released.

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The Phantom’s Lair from the upcoming Estonian non-replica production of “The Phantom of the Opera”. It appears they’re still finishing the sets and, of course, they’re not wearing costumes here so you don’t have the full effect… but this looks very very interesting! (I’m particularly enjoying the shattered mirror wall) It’s so refreshing to see a non-replica production that actually seems to try and be something different from the original, as all I’ve seen so far from this production seem to indicate this is the one staging that relies relatively little on Maria Björnson’s designs or the 2004 movie (not that there’s something necessarily wrong with that, as all set designs for POTO non-replicas have been quite stunning in their own way)


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Tamara Kotova is being amazing

Just look at her expressions, she is such a cutie. Another Disney princess, but with a really strong operatic voice. I can’t even tell how much I love her Christine already.

Author of the video - Natalia Litvinova

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The Canadian production of The Phantom of the Opera, starring Colm Wilkinson, Rebecca Caine and Byron Nease, premiered exactly 25 years ago, on 20th September 1989.

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From Olivia’sTwitter ( x )

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Anonymous → Hello Glass- I was watching the OB's masquerade and noticed that Sarah Brightman&Steve Barton's dancing skills were marvellous! Are there any other best raouls&christines(dance wise) that comes to your mind?

Well, I don’t pay much attention to Raoul’s dancing skills - he probably has less chances to show off any dancing skills than Christine, and most productions have really cut down on the dancing for her in Hannibal and ‘Masquerade’.

But first people that come to mind would be the Japanese casts in general. They still keep all the original choreography in Hannibal and ‘Masquerade’, and their actors and actresses are generally trained in singing, acting, and dancing.

I’m not sure how much training Joke de Kruijf had, but she does come off very graceful onstage, as you can see in this video of ‘Masquerade’ for the Dutch production. Her biography on her official website also lists her as a dancer as well as a singer and actress.

I can also think of several Christines who started off dancing, usually ballet, before moving on to singing and acting: Maria Kesselman, Sarah Bakker, Dodie Pettit (all three were trained ballerinas, and I believe both Sarah Bakker and Dodie Pettit first started off in the ballet corps of their respective Phantom productions before being bumped up to understudy Christine), Claire Lyon, and Julia Udine. There isn’t video footage of all of them, but I imagine that the dancing scenes were a piece of cake for them - and for the ones with video footage, they usually look quite lovely, though I don’t really know dancing all that well so I might not be the greatest judge. I should also note that Sierra Boggess also studied dance and did figure-skating before Phantom.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

EDIT: Just remembered Rachel Barrell, who I believe runs or used to run a dance studio. So there’s that too.

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Anonymous → Hi-forgive me for asking, but I recall someone posting the OBC rehearsal footage on Yiutube, but I can no longer find it. Do you know if it's still up?

I don’t know, I don’t really follow phans on YouTube, but I imagine if you can’t find it, then either the videos or the channel has been taken down.

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Anonymous → Where Is the Jason Mills video from on your unmasking comparison? I could not find it on your site.

Yes, it should be noted that not everything I use on my comparison videos are on my trading site, the main reason being that some of those videos were taken off YouTube, are very limited highlights, and thus aren’t worth trading for.

Anyway, the videos came from this YouTube channel.

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And on the lake there was a boat…Claire Lyon

And on the lake there was a boat…
Claire Lyon

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Twisted Every WayClaire Lyon and Anthony Downing

Twisted Every Way
Claire Lyon and Anthony Downing

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A new trailer!!! WHEEEEE!!!!! operafantomet the rooftop dress!

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Harriet Jones & Liam Tamne 

Harriet Jones & Liam Tamne 

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Czech Phantom photo set

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Cool deformity photo from the Hamburg souvenir brochure, showing principal Mathias Edenborn.


Cool deformity photo from the Hamburg souvenir brochure, showing principal Mathias Edenborn.

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if anyone’s online and bored come chat with me~

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