Anonymous → Who are the Christine's that really stood out in audios? And do you know if there are any other audios of the Swedish cast that exist? I only know about the cast recording.

For the second question - I have heard that there was an audio of (I think) the last performance of the Swedish production, but the person who had it unfortunately lost it and hasn’t found a copy since. Maybe it will turn up again one day…

Now, for your first question:

  • Rebecca Caine - she’s probably the only one at the top of my favorites list even though all she has is audio (well, there’s one video, but it’s horrendous quality). Besides the gorgeousness of her voice, I was impressed by the emotion she put into her singing and also how hard she tried to make her Christine seem active and strong, and I still haven’t heard anyone with a better “How dare you! You evil woman, how dare you!” and “Raoul, I’m frightened!”
  • Glenda Balkan - I had listened to her ‘Think of Me’ before and really loved how she sounded - so light and clear - but I was also very impressed by her acting in the audio; one thing that stands out is how extremely vulnerable she sounded in certain scenes, like ‘Little Lotte’
  • Tabitha Webb - she’s interesting because I’d heard audios of her before and found her enjoyable, but not hugely outstanding… but then I listened to audios of her late in her run and loved her. She added a more classical sound to her voice, which had previously been sort of light and squeaky, and she had a fiery ‘Point of No Return’
  • Sofia Escobar - I now have video of her, hooray! But like Tabitha Webb, she was another that I listened to and didn’t like much at all - her accent sounded really strong and there was a funny nasal, thick sound to her voice. I ignored her for a while… then I heard audio of her with Marcus Lovett, and wowee. Golden voice and wonderful little touches in her acting.

There’s a ton more, but these four were the ones who made me sit up and listen to them throughout the audio; in the case of the last two, they did a complete 180 my previous opinion of them.

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fascinatedchild → I saw your posts and reviews, sometime you will described an actor or actress as "Leroux-accurate" acting. So I am wondering, can you explain what is a "Leroux-accurate" phantom, Christine or... like? And is there example? I've watch Leroux's POTO novel but is in Chinese translation, I think that might be a little bit different feeling for reader. Sorry it might be a stupid question... But I hope to understand more...

As examples of Leroux-accurate Phantoms/Christines, I would point out Ethan Freeman, Peter Karrie, Scott Davies, Kevin Gray, Marcus Lovett, and Anna O’Byrne. Michelle van de Ven is apparently another Leroux-accurate Christine, and I’ve also heard that Tabitha Webb was as well.

For Leroux-accurate Phantoms, I generally look for someone who is very old (or, you know, acts like it - for example, Ethan Freeman played his Phantom as very hunched over, kind of slow with his movements, etc.) and very creepy, maybe even disgusting. I really should not look at the guy and go, “Wow, this is one hot, sensual dude”, I should look at him and go, “RUN AWAY CHRISTINE RUN FAR AWAY”. I want a bit of unpredictability too, a sort of mental instability that makes me think that Christine would not quite know how to act around this guy or what he might do next, probably a product of a lifetime of ostracization. But there also has to be something pitiful in his portrayal and his almost slavish devotion to Christine - you don’t want Christine going with him, but you do feel terrifically sorry for the guy. Going back to some of the other Phantoms, Ethan Freeman took little things from the book, like picking up the hem of Christine’s robe and kissing it at the end of ‘Stranger Than You Dreamt It’; in the ‘Final Lair’, during the line “You try my patience! Make your choice!”, Marcus Lovett threw himself off his throne and onto the ground with Christine. Given that the line is a way for the Phantom to establish his control and power over Christine, that movement really skews your perspective, because he’s on the same level as Christine, potentially almost looking like he’s pleading with Christine - while demanding her to make a decision.

I find it a bit harder to pin down what I want in a Leroux-accurate Christine. I guess firstly, I want someone with a bit of a nineteenth century vibe, a girl who is both attracted to and afraid of the sexuality that the Phantom represents and inspires in her, who sort of represses her emotions so as not to make a scene. She can be a little melodramatic too; I would also like to feel that she is being driven to her mental breaking point with what’s going on around her. But I also want her to be quite strong and defiant towards the Phantom, and with very little romantic attraction to him - a strong backbone, basically. Yet I also want her to show compassion and empathy for the Phantom; she may not love him, but she feels sorry for him, perhaps to the point where it drives her to do things that might not seem totally safe and rational.

That’s sort of what I try to look for. A lot of it boils down to just the feeling you get when you watch a Phantom or Christine - you sort of go, “Wow, this really reminds me of the book” or something, and it clicks.

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Anonymous → Hi GP :) So I know you don't gift other things that aren't POTO. But I was scrolling way back through your blog and I found (like 2 years ago) A small video from "Imagine this" With Simon Gleeson!! Do you happen to know where I could find audio / video (audio is more than fine) of this show! :)
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Anonymous → Hi there GP! Is was wandering, do you know why the first "sing for me" of the 25th anniversary theme song was cut off? I never understood why, because I rebember that on the not edited video. Thank you!

I actually have no idea, and I agree that it seems really weird for it to just… not be there? I remember getting a little startled when I heard that random pause and then “…my angel of music!” Was Ramin pitchy on that one word or something?

Then again, they changed the entirety of Ramin’s ‘Stranger Than You Dream It’, and for the worse IMO (the DVD version sounded smoother, but also less emotional, and I’m not sure it jibed well with his acting), so you know…

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Anonymous → I've was looking at your youtube channel and I was looking for a comparison of the Phantom's/the show's last line (It's over now the music of the night), but it seems you haven't made one, I was hoping that because it's such an epic line that you would compare each Phantom's version. Would you be willing to make a comparison of the line?

You’re right, I haven’t made one, but that was mainly because there were already a couple of other comparisons of that line. And I know, that hasn’t stopped me before, but audio comparisons are a real pain in the butt to make, especially when compared to video comparisons. This is probably why I only make ones comparing lines said by various Christines - she’s sort of the character I’m most invested in and that’s basically the only thing that keeps me going even when I want to pound the keyboard with frustration because the audio is half a second off from the photo or something.

Um, yeah, anyway, maybe those other comparisons will help?

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Anonymous → Hello Glassprism! I was wondering if you could answer this question: what exactly was Katie Hall's position in London back in her 2011-2012 run? It looks like she wasn't principal, because Sofia Escobar was, but Katie isn't listed as understudy or alternate in audios on your trading site.

She was alternate Christine in her 2011 to 2012 run in London.

On my trading site, I note when someone is understudy or standby or (much more rarely) an emergency cover, but I generally don’t note anything if they’re an alternate. Mainly because, I dunno, I don’t see much of a difference between them and the principal actress (they’re both contracted to do a certain number of shows, with the alternate’s just happening to be less, while understudies and standbys are not… generally), and also to save myself a headache, because sometimes you’ll have actresses going from alternate to principal and back again (i.e. Mary Michael Patterson).

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Song: Think of Me 26.08.2014
Artist: Michelle Van de Ven
404 plays


My (roidumonde’s) master. I really love how unsure Michelle sounds at the beginning. And what a lovely cadenza! I am simply in love with her Christine.

Raoul is Oedo Kuipers (u/s)

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Song: Journey To The Cemetery/WYWSHA
Artist: Michelle Van de Ven
Album: POTO
362 plays


'Journey to the Cemetery/Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again'

24.08.2014, evening performance. My (roidumonde’s) master. Just listen to that “Help me say goodbye”!

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Older photo from the Toronto Star (Sun?) of Susan Cuthbert in her blonde wig! 
operafantomet for your collection, miss.


Older photo from the Toronto Star (Sun?) of Susan Cuthbert in her blonde wig! 

operafantomet for your collection, miss.

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“Gonna miss this guy!!@antonyhansen" (From Harriet Jones’ Twitter)


Gonna miss this guy!!@antonyhansen" (From Harriet Jones’ Twitter)

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So I did the hoarding thing again but you know.

From the West End productions currently running…

The Commitments (6th August 2014) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

Dogfight (11th August 2014, Preview) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (13th August 2014) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

Mamma Mia! (18th August 2014) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

The Phantom of the Opera (21st August 2014, Matinee) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

Once (26th August 2014) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

There are u/s on for most of these so check out the cast lists!

I’ve also been gifted a Phantom audio by it’s master who has yet to share it with anyone else and mentioned that I could so here’s a bonus for you!

The Phantom of the Opera (9th May 2014) ACT 1 + ACT 2 + CAST

And you know please don’t link outside of tumblr and like/reblog if you download and share with other lovely tumblrers!

For my last batches look here

Enjoy guys!!!

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Anonymous → what do you think is the best English language bootleg of Phantom in terms of video quality, and steadiness? I care about the actors, but I am looking for videos that are well filmed, and steady, so can you make some recommendations? thanks so much!!!

I’ll split it up by production:

London - Probably one of the two February 2006 videos of Matthew Cammelle, Rachel Barrell, and David Shannon. The one commonly labeled as February 25, 2006 can be found on a lot of trading sites, and has even been uploaded in full on YouTube.

Broadway - The May 9, 2007 video of Gary Mauer, Jennifer Hope Wills, and Jason Mills is shot in widescreen with almost no obstruction at all. The October 13, 2012 video of Hugh Panaro, Trista Moldovan, and Kyle Barisich has really bright colors and great detail and is generally steady and well-shot, though it does get shaky a couple of times, has a bit of minor obstruction in the bottom, and has a couple of blackouts. The January 29, 2014 video of Paul A. Schaefer, Mary Michael Patterson, and Jeremy Hays is also pretty good - I think the master himself said it was one of the best videos he’s filmed.

US Tour - The April 6, 2006 video of Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard, and Jim Weitzer is wonderful, using two cameras to capture the show and putting it together so that it almost looks like a movie. The August 2, 2007 video of John Cudia, Marni Raab, and Greg Mils is also great, widescreen with no obstruction at all. If you can ignore the production, the February 19, 2014 video of the restaged tour is good for similar reasons.

International - I was going to recommend some from the Aussie/World Tour and Canadian productions, but none of them really match up to the quality of the videos above. Or when they do, they’re incomplete. So… yeah. There’s two high quality videos of the current World Tour, but they haven’t been released yet.

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Anonymous → what is gif 53 from?

It’s from a promo video of Kevin Gray and Teri Bibb. I don’t think it’s been uploaded to YouTube. I found it as one of the “extras” in my bootlegs.

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Felicidad Farag and (probably) Luìs Amando, Madrid. 


Felicidad Farag and (probably) Luìs Amando, Madrid. 

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